Sunday, April 10, 2016

Create Mac Mail IMAP Backup

A General Tool to Create Mac Mail Backup IMAP 
and Other Email Accounts

Email is a daily communication tool for most people. Whether it is used to conduct business or for keeping in touch with loved ones, we all subscribed to different emailing platforms so we can effectively pass messages to each other. If you are in constant communication through emails, then you easily have thousands of messages in your account. 

Imagine if your email server crashes today, how many relevant contact details will you lose? Will you ever get access to that exclusive conversation you had with a distant relative? The best way to ensure that you never lose your sentimental emails and valuable business contacts is by using Mac Mail Backup IMAP software to preserve your data and in an independent location away from your email server.

To save yourself time and the hustle of browsing through multiple software apps on the market here is a highly recommended Mac Mail Archive software that will be worth your while.

Mail Backup X is a professional grade, quality assured and expertly delivered up to provide you the best and simplest backup solutions for all your email accounts. That’s right! Beside from the ability to manage Mac Mail Backup IMAP, Mail Backup X supports a variety of email accounts including;
  1. Web-based emails –If you used Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Opera Mail or custom website emails independently from the Imap connections, then you can archive your files away from the email servers for easy access offline. Just by using this Mac Mail Backup IMAP software
  2. Outlook for Mac – Whether you are using Outlook 2011 or 2015, this Mac Mail archive app supports all Outlook Mac accounts inclusive of all the iMap emails integrated into it. Additionally, you can import data from Outlook Windows if you are looking to migrate from the Microsoft Windows environment.
  3. Apple Mail – If you mostly use your Apple mail account on your iPhone or iPad, this application can shield you from losing data when your device crashes or gets lost.
  4. Entourage – Both Entourage 2004 and 2008 users can comfortably utilize this Mail Backup X application to archive their emails for future-proof security and easy accesses whenever.
  5. Exchange – Exchange is an excellent database management tool to keep your schedules, emails, calendar entries, diary and tasks among other info ensure the safety of all this data by archiving them with this Mac Mail archive tool.
  6. Office 365 – Office 365 Users can also file their mailbox items including emails, contacts, attachments, drafts and any other information.

Download this application today by visiting and start managing your Mac Mail Backup IMAP files as well as other data from all your email accounts