Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Unique Mac Mail Backup App by InventPure

You now have an extraordinary Mac Mail Backup Tool at your disposal, designed by InventPure and it makes backups like you've never seen before

This program has something truly innovative and its capabilities will astonish you. It's the only program that backs up the online emails from web based email applications and your messages are safe and all gathered into an encrypted backup. 

Mail Backup X is an awesome tool and you need it on your Mac so you can never lose email messages.

It's highly complex and its features are exactly what you need in order to keep your emails protected against all kinds of factors that might cause data loss. It has a friendly user interface that you'll certainly enjoy working with.

Here are some amazing Features Mail Backup X Packs for you:

1. Not just Mac Mail Backup App, but Gmail and Yahoo as well

This incredible program makes backups with all the email programs you use on your Mac and it has the special ability to save your emails from web email providers. Therefore, you can have all the messages from Apple Mail, Outlook, Thunderbird or Entourage stored with the messages from Yahoo, Gmail or any other email app that has IMAP service.

You can have multiple backup profiles and they will all be highly compressed and encrypted for security reasons. The program allows access only to the authorized user.

2. Backup Schedule and Autosync Option

You choose the time of the backup. You can set the day and the hour and the program will regularly update the data. Set is as often as you need, but keep in mind that you can also choose to have an incremental backup. This means that any change that takes place in one of your mailboxes will be automatically detected, updated and stored to safety. It's extremely practical this way and you don't need to worry about losing email messages, because they will all be backed up immediately.

3. Backup system distribution

With this Mac Mail Backup App you can use multiple locations to keep your backup safe and to have more storage space. Besides your drive, you can use portable HDDs, DVDs, USB flash drives and FTP servers as well. The software has a wizard implemented that allows you to assign other devices for keeping the backup. The backup is made on the next device if the first one is full and the storage units are not dependent on one another. You can use the backup from one location without having all the others available. You can set the priority for these unit storages and the program will use them in the right order in case of unavailability.

4. Add all the emails you've ever had to the backup

Mail Backup X allows you to make backups of all the emails you have, even if they are not in use at the moment. Thus, if you have email files that contain messages and you want to store them with the rest of the data, the program is perfect for the job. You can use PST, Mbox, RGE data for your older emails, because the software has great compatibility.
Unlimited options of exporting messages
Speaking of compatibility, this MacMail Backup App is truly skilful in exporting your emails into any format you want. You can have them as EML, Emlx, Mbox, PST, RGE, PDF and even print them right from the program's interface. The emails are exported without losing the anything and metadata is kept and stored.

5. Preview and restore features

You can safely restore lost emails from your backup with this program. You have the option to search through the backup and preview the results, so you know it's the right one. The software will restore the messages you want in your mailbox. Mail Backup X keeps everything safe and you can never lose your emails.
If you want to have access to your email messages even when the program fail you, Mail Backup X by InventPure is the only tool you need. Not just your Mac emails are safe, but every message that you have in online email applications will be safely stored with the rest of the files. 

There's no better way to keep your messages secured.