Thursday, December 22, 2016

Try The Apple Mail Backup Program from InventPure

The Apple Mail Backup Program Every One Needs to Safeguard Their Files

Reports have it that the average person (adult) has at least 2 email accounts, the primary email account for daily communication either for business or personal interactions and a secondary account used casually. Additionally, a single person sends and receives multiple email messages on their account on a daily basis. This heavy flow of information through the Apple Mail account, for example, calls for proper email security planning that will safeguard the data in case of any risks.

Setting up AppleMail backup software to secure your files automatically on a daily basis will help you greatly in overcoming the unending email data loss challenges. But with the plethora of backup software available in the Apple Store today, which software should you go for?

Mail Backup X: The Best Apple Mail Backup Program That Secured Email Data Easily

Mail Backup X is a universal Mac Mail Backup Program offering multiple solutions for not only securing emails but also managing the data while in the backup profile and restoring all information back to its original state without much effort.

This Apple Mailemail backup software has earned its title as a universal email backup tool because of its support for various popular email clients like Outlook Mac, Windows Outlook, Apple Mail, Entourage 2004/2008, Mozilla Thunderbird, Exchange database and Office 365 as well as Web Mails like Gmail and Yahoo Mail.

Therefore, users on whichever email client or on multiple email accounts can comfortably use this Apple Mail backup application to secure their data for the unforeseeable future.

Why Should You Use Mail Backup X as Your Apple Mail Backup Program

Aside from its flexibility and high compatibility with a range of email clients, Mail Backup X offers an expert email backup platform that is easy to use and will only take a few minutes for the user to make successful backups.

The app comes with a highly interactive wizard guide with step-by-step instructions that can be easily understood when selecting the files you wish to backup and specifying the storage location.

Also, this Mail Backup X application offers better security features for your data. Users can choose to store their backups in an external location like a hard drive or transfer them to an FTP secured server for remote sharing/restoration.

Mail Backup X comes with a free to try demo version, download your copy today.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Exciting Apple Mail Archive Application

Mail backup X the Exciting Apple Mail Archive App 
for all Mac Users

Mail Backup X is a smart email backup and archiving tool for all Mac users

There is nowhere that clutter grows faster than in Mailboxes especially for regular email users. If you are Apple Mail user who would wish to cut down on the clutter in your account and hopefully save some storage space, then we are going to look at how you can archive your old messages and delete them from your mail account but have easy access to the archived files whenever you need them.

Before looking at the Apple MailArchive App and its functioning, first we need to understand why it is important to archive your files from time to time. Here are the top reasons;

1. Save space on the hard disk

Apple mail account can use up a lot of space than you might think. If you often receive attachment folder on your email even if it is just a single image file, that could be at least a couple hundred KBs or a few MBs depending on the quality. Add that up to all the single image attachment files you have in your account and you will quickly realize that your email account can easily make up tens of GBs.
Using the Apple Mail Archive App can save you a lot of this disk spaces that you can put it to better use.

2. Slow email downloads and consistent error messages

If you notice your email messages are taking longer to download, or you often get error messages saying you can't receive any more emails or images cannot load. Then by all indication you need to clean up the stuffy corners of your mailbox. You can archive all the old files that are no longer in use and delete them from your Apple Mail account to create more space.

3. Archive archives as a security measure

There are hundreds of thousands of email account getting hacked annually. Sometimes you are never safe even with the most awkward and hard to crack email passwords. The only way of ensuring the security of email files is by archiving then so you can use them offline whenever necessary.

Great, now that we have found convincing reasons for you to utilize the Apple Mail Archive App as finally remove your old emails from the account, here is what you need to know about the Mail Backup X utility.

Features of Mail Backup X

1. Archiving Mails in a few clicks

This Apple Mail Archive App is a simple tool with powerful features to make the whole Apple Mail archiving process a breeze. You only need but a few clicks that include selecting your account, entering account details, selecting the files you wish to archive and choosing where to store the data. It’s that simple!

2. Automatic archives

Once you create your first archives profile, the rest of the archives follow an incremental archiving system whereby only the latest information are added to the archives. This can save you a lot of time since you won’t have to archive the whole account again.

Additionally, the application lets you set up automatic archives on all data that arrives in your account. This function is important especially for commercial entities that are extra cautious not to get hacked. Every time an email message arrives at the company’s email account, for example, it is automatically achieved away from the mail server.

3. Archive Mails in PDF file

Mail Backup X also allows users to archive emails in PDF file format with all its structure and component intact. You can therefore quickly printout email messages and file them as a hard copy or share the PDF copies over any email address/account.

4. Quick search and find function

Whenever you need to revert to your archives to access particular information, this Apple Mail Archive App comes with a fast finder utility add-on feature that makes it possible to search quickly through the heaps of information and retrieve that particular email or attachment in not time.

Mail backup X is, therefore, the best Apple Mail Archive App you can turn to any time you need to safeguard your information and store them close enough to access at any time. 

Visit for more information.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Create Mac Mail IMAP Backup

A General Tool to Create Mac Mail Backup IMAP 
and Other Email Accounts

Email is a daily communication tool for most people. Whether it is used to conduct business or for keeping in touch with loved ones, we all subscribed to different emailing platforms so we can effectively pass messages to each other. If you are in constant communication through emails, then you easily have thousands of messages in your account. 

Imagine if your email server crashes today, how many relevant contact details will you lose? Will you ever get access to that exclusive conversation you had with a distant relative? The best way to ensure that you never lose your sentimental emails and valuable business contacts is by using Mac Mail Backup IMAP software to preserve your data and in an independent location away from your email server.

To save yourself time and the hustle of browsing through multiple software apps on the market here is a highly recommended Mac Mail Archive software that will be worth your while.

Mail Backup X is a professional grade, quality assured and expertly delivered up to provide you the best and simplest backup solutions for all your email accounts. That’s right! Beside from the ability to manage Mac Mail Backup IMAP, Mail Backup X supports a variety of email accounts including;
  1. Web-based emails –If you used Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Opera Mail or custom website emails independently from the Imap connections, then you can archive your files away from the email servers for easy access offline. Just by using this Mac Mail Backup IMAP software
  2. Outlook for Mac – Whether you are using Outlook 2011 or 2015, this Mac Mail archive app supports all Outlook Mac accounts inclusive of all the iMap emails integrated into it. Additionally, you can import data from Outlook Windows if you are looking to migrate from the Microsoft Windows environment.
  3. Apple Mail – If you mostly use your Apple mail account on your iPhone or iPad, this application can shield you from losing data when your device crashes or gets lost.
  4. Entourage – Both Entourage 2004 and 2008 users can comfortably utilize this Mail Backup X application to archive their emails for future-proof security and easy accesses whenever.
  5. Exchange – Exchange is an excellent database management tool to keep your schedules, emails, calendar entries, diary and tasks among other info ensure the safety of all this data by archiving them with this Mac Mail archive tool.
  6. Office 365 – Office 365 Users can also file their mailbox items including emails, contacts, attachments, drafts and any other information.

Download this application today by visiting and start managing your Mac Mail Backup IMAP files as well as other data from all your email accounts

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Unique Mac Mail Backup App by InventPure

You now have an extraordinary Mac Mail Backup Tool at your disposal, designed by InventPure and it makes backups like you've never seen before

This program has something truly innovative and its capabilities will astonish you. It's the only program that backs up the online emails from web based email applications and your messages are safe and all gathered into an encrypted backup. 

Mail Backup X is an awesome tool and you need it on your Mac so you can never lose email messages.

It's highly complex and its features are exactly what you need in order to keep your emails protected against all kinds of factors that might cause data loss. It has a friendly user interface that you'll certainly enjoy working with.

Here are some amazing Features Mail Backup X Packs for you:

1. Not just Mac Mail Backup App, but Gmail and Yahoo as well

This incredible program makes backups with all the email programs you use on your Mac and it has the special ability to save your emails from web email providers. Therefore, you can have all the messages from Apple Mail, Outlook, Thunderbird or Entourage stored with the messages from Yahoo, Gmail or any other email app that has IMAP service.

You can have multiple backup profiles and they will all be highly compressed and encrypted for security reasons. The program allows access only to the authorized user.

2. Backup Schedule and Autosync Option

You choose the time of the backup. You can set the day and the hour and the program will regularly update the data. Set is as often as you need, but keep in mind that you can also choose to have an incremental backup. This means that any change that takes place in one of your mailboxes will be automatically detected, updated and stored to safety. It's extremely practical this way and you don't need to worry about losing email messages, because they will all be backed up immediately.

3. Backup system distribution

With this Mac Mail Backup App you can use multiple locations to keep your backup safe and to have more storage space. Besides your drive, you can use portable HDDs, DVDs, USB flash drives and FTP servers as well. The software has a wizard implemented that allows you to assign other devices for keeping the backup. The backup is made on the next device if the first one is full and the storage units are not dependent on one another. You can use the backup from one location without having all the others available. You can set the priority for these unit storages and the program will use them in the right order in case of unavailability.

4. Add all the emails you've ever had to the backup

Mail Backup X allows you to make backups of all the emails you have, even if they are not in use at the moment. Thus, if you have email files that contain messages and you want to store them with the rest of the data, the program is perfect for the job. You can use PST, Mbox, RGE data for your older emails, because the software has great compatibility.
Unlimited options of exporting messages
Speaking of compatibility, this MacMail Backup App is truly skilful in exporting your emails into any format you want. You can have them as EML, Emlx, Mbox, PST, RGE, PDF and even print them right from the program's interface. The emails are exported without losing the anything and metadata is kept and stored.

5. Preview and restore features

You can safely restore lost emails from your backup with this program. You have the option to search through the backup and preview the results, so you know it's the right one. The software will restore the messages you want in your mailbox. Mail Backup X keeps everything safe and you can never lose your emails.
If you want to have access to your email messages even when the program fail you, Mail Backup X by InventPure is the only tool you need. Not just your Mac emails are safe, but every message that you have in online email applications will be safely stored with the rest of the files. 

There's no better way to keep your messages secured.